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Hotels in Liverpool Prepare for an Extra 2.5 Million Visitors

England 17/07/2013 – The injection of over £2.5 million of EU money is set to produce a tourist boom in Liverpool.

The city is to receive this additional funding to help them to advertise the major events that the city is holding over the next two years. This includes the Open Golf Championship in 2014, which is to be held at the Wirral, and the First World War centenary commemorations to be held in St Helens. There is also the Liverpool International music Festival.

Of course, many hotels in Liverpool were anticipating an increase in visitor numbers. They were already working on producing additional capacity and recruiting staff to cope with the uplift in visitor numbers during the course of 2014 and 2015.However, when the additional EU funding for publicising the city’s major events was announced many hoteliers realised that they would have to step up their efforts another notch.

Each year, Liverpool receives an average of 55 million visitors. During the next two or three years those visitor numbers are expected to swell by at least 2.5 million. Naturally, not all these visitors will stay in the city overnight. However, the figures indicate that around about 870,000 additional people will want to spend the night in the city.

The Liverpool Daily Post reported what, Cllr Phil Davies, the leader of Wirral council, who campaigned for the EU money, had to say on the matter: “This funding is geared towards boosting economic growth, supporting local businesses and creating local jobs – this project will deliver on all three of these fronts.”

Local attractions plan additional events to boost visitor numbers even more

Indeed, many local businesses and other attractions are planning special events to provide additional entertainment. They want visitors to have a reason to spend an extra few days in the city either just before or just after the main events. Local museums and art galleries are all holding special events and there is an additional food and drink festivals planned. Importantly, it is believed that smaller firms will benefit just as much as the multi-national chains. Boutique hotels like theHopes Street Hotelare perfectly placed to benefit from the hundreds of thousands of extra visitors.

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