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The Most Expensive Wallpaper Mural in the World

England 18/07/2013 – Wallpaper is back, but not in the form, many people first think of.

Today, wallpaper murals are the decor format of choice. They are being used in a range of settings to provide a backdrop for a room, create mood and ambience or to make a statement, and there are plenty of different types to choose from.

Interestingly the most expensive wallpaper in the world is in fact a mural. If you have £24, 896.50 to spare you can go out and buy yourself a 32 panel mural called the Les GuerresDe’L’Independence from Zuber Wallpaper, who have been creating unique wallpaper since 1797.

However, not all murals are as expensive as this one, which is made using the wood block printing technique and takes a year of work. For as little as £23.50 per square meter, it is possible to buy a bespoke wall mural in a huge range of styles that is made to fit any wall.

Wall murals have been popular with firms who needed to decorate large spaces, in public areas or offices. Over the years, firms of all kinds have used them to make a statement. The designs on these murals were pretty standard and it was not unusual to see the same design in the premises of more than one firm. Forest scenes and flowers were a very common sight in restaurants and other eateries.

Mural wallpapers for the nursery
However, slowly but surely wallpaper mural designs have evolved and today, there is a huge choice. Interestingly, the move to home murals started with the nursery. This is not surprising when you consider that parents with the right skills have been creating murals of cartoon characters and teddy bears in their children’s nurseries for many decades. As a result, today, nursery designs are some of the most popular sold by Murals Wallpaper. Increasingly, people are decorating the rest of their home using murals. To cater for this new demand the range of designs on offer has had to evolve and today, the firm sells literally hundreds of different murals. They now stock, retro designs, landscapes, cityscapes, and artwork designs to name but a few.

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