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SEO Gives Small Firms an Edge

England 14/09/2013 – Good Search Engine Optimisation can make the difference between success and failure a fact that more small businesses are waking up to.

Those SMEs and start-ups that understand what SEO is and use it to promote their businesses are gaining an edge over their competitors.

The use of the internet has grown at a staggering rate in most countries. In 2001, 36% of the UK’s population had access to the web. Today, a staggering 84.1% of people in the UK use the web. When they want something, they invariably turn to the internet to find it. Exactly, how many people use the internet to find products and services is up for debate, but most studies show that over 80% of people with access to the internet use it when shopping for most things.

Fortunately, most firms understand to be successful, a website is essential and, therefore, have one. Unfortunately, many UK firms are leaving it at that. They have their websites, but do not understand the need to use SEO to optimise and promote that site. As a result, many UK websites are not appearing high enough in the search results to actually be found and used by potential customers.

However, those firms that do understand the need to use SEO are benefitting greatly from doing so. The beauty of SEO is that even a small firm can use this marketing technique to promote and optimise their website. Those that do so, typically, find their websites ranking above the sites of other much larger companies who sell the same products and services as them. Good SEO is giving many small firms the edge over their direct competitors, bringing them new customers and the growth that they need.

The Role of SEO in Increased Exports
Interestingly, well-optimised websites are also helping UK firms to break into foreign markets. The great thing about the web is that it is worldwide. Digital marketing specialists like http://www.movedigital.co.uk are quick to explain how owners of even small businesses can exploit the global nature of the web. They encourage the business owners that they work with to think big and use SEO and digital marketing to tap into more than just their local customer base. Using tailored social media campaigns, targeted at specific markets, is helping many small UK firms to sell their products abroad, which is contributing to the UK’s increasing level of exports.

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