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Patients are Choosing Dental Implants Instead of Bridges

England 14/09/2013 – For many years, people who have lost multiple teeth have been opting for bridges instead of dentures.

They have been doing so because bridges offer a permanent, fixed set of teeth, which were easier to maintain and provide a better bite. Although having a bridge made and fitted is not a great experience many patients prefer a couple of hours of discomfort to weeks of getting used to wearing dentures. Many people simply cannot get used to dentures and find them uncomfortable.

However, there is a new trend emerging. More dentists, especially those based in the UK, are offering patients who have lost multiple teeth bridges set on implants. Harley Street dentist, Dr. Harry KafetzidisDipDs, MSc explains on his website http://www.finedentistry.co.uk that ‘Implants create the perfect basis for a permanent fixed bridge and the fact that the dental prosthesis is firmly held in place means you will be able to chew more effectively and be able to eat whatever you like.’

Using implants there is no need to touch the healthy teeth either side of the gap that is being bridged. With a traditional bridge, the teeth either side of the gap are usually reduced to accommodate the bridge. With dental implants there is no bone loss involved, which ensures that the natural shape of the face is maintained.

Of course, dental implants to replace multiple teeth are not right for everyone. Someone with a large bony defect or suffering from severe periodontal disease may need a different solution. However, for most dental implants are a good option and more patients are listening to their dentists and opting for implants over traditionally fitted bridges or dentures.

More economical in the long term
There is something that stops people opting for implants and that is the cost. The initial cost of implants is often higher than that of a bridge or dentures. However, over the lifetime of the teeth implants usually actually work out cheaper. Implants require far less maintenance and look better for longer, so in the long-term is actually the cheaper option. Something more UK dentists are taking the time to explain to their patients.

Dr. Harry Kafetzidis
82 Harley Street, London
United Kingdom
Zip: W1G 7HN
Tel: 020 7436 7348
Email: info@finedentistry.co.uk
Web: http://www.finedentistry.co.uk

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