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Boutique Hotels in Liverpool are pulling in the Visitors

England 12/08/2013 – Many visitors to Liverpool are there because they want something a little different, which is why many want to stay in boutique hotels.

Fortunately, there is plenty of choice. There are literally dozens of boutique hotels in Liverpool to choose from, each of which offers something a little different.

Not only are visitors choosing to stay somewhere slightly different they are also looking for something unusual to do and see. They want to try as many cuisines as possible and Liverpool is perfect for doing that. Its history as a port means that it has been home to people from across the globe for centuries, so it has a diverse and very mixed population. People love being able to shop for spices at Spiceways and other Indian food stores to take something exotic home with them.

Thousands flock to the city in February to enjoy the spectacular Chinese New Year celebrations. They love the fireworks, colourful dragons and, of course, the food.

Cruise ships, boutiques, Michelin Star restaurants and tunnel gigs
Liverpool is a city where one area blends into another with each area of the city having a unique feel and vibe. The Albert Dock is a great destination. It is an area of the city, where everything Liverpool is about is represented in one small area. Liverpool’s industrial past is here in the sights and sounds of the Maritime Museum. The city’s status as an arts and culture centre reflected in the Liverpool Tate. Liverpool ONE, the city’s massive retail area touches the edge of the docks, where the cruise liners dock. It is a good place to start a stay in the city and get a feeling for what Liverpool has to offer.

Later, guests who stay at Liverpool boutique hotels like the Hope Street Hotel may want to treat themselves to a meal in one of the city’s two Michelin starred restaurants. The adventurous ones will buy tickets for a gig in the atmospheric Williamson Tunnels, which are just one of the city’s amazing network of tunnels and caverns.

Hope Street Hotel
40 Hope Street, Liverpool
United Kingdom
Zip: L1 9DA
Tel:  0151 709 3000
Email: sleep@hopestreethotel.co.uk
Web: http://www.hopestreethotel.co.uk

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