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Business Office Supplies Impact On UK Businesses Bottom Line

England – 28/09/2011– In an effort to cut costs UK firms turn to the web for their business office supplies.

The current economic crisis has made UK companies take a thorough look at every aspect of their business and the way they operate, right down to how much they pay for their business office supplies.

What has surprised most companies is how much they spend on just one item and that is printer cartridges. The presence of computers in every office gives the illusion of the paperless office, but this is far from the reality of the situation. For most modern companies printer cartridges represent the biggest stationery cost they have. Workers no longer write to do lists with pen and paper they do it on their PC and print it out. They also print out e-mails and use them as reminders of projects they are working on, or as reference documents.

The Hidden Cost of Business Office Supplies

For some companies just how much they spend on business office supplies has come as a big shock with many realizing for the first time that their employers are taking home printer cartridges as well as pens and paper from the office.

In addition, companies are totting up just how much of their hard cash is tied up in piles of office supplies. Many have got into the habit of buying their supplies in bulk and storing them. This means that thousands of pounds of the companies money is sitting around in stock instead of in their bank account available for investment. Worse still, when their old printer breaks down they are left a few hundred pounds worth of printer cartridges that have to be thrown away.

This realization of how much money is tied up in business office supplies, especially printer cartridges, has lead many UK firms to change their buying habits and turn to people like Cartridge World for their printer cartridge supplies where they can buy their cartridges as and when they need and pay a lot less for them. Cartridge World’s policy of recycling and remanufacturing old printer cartridges is also appealing to many UK businesses who want to keep their carbon footprint under control.


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