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Fancy a melkopschuimer? the new must have kitchen gadget

England -11/09/2011 The new gadget from Holland called a melkopschuimer has taken the kitchen gadget industry by storm.

It is pretty rare that the Dutch introduce a gadget that takes the world by storm, but it has happened with the melkopschuimer. If you ask people what they think of when you say Holland most will say clogs even though Holland has given the world a great deal more than that. For example, decent beer, the stock market and modern farming techniques all have their origins in Holland.

So exactly what is a melkopschuimer and how the hell do you say it? Sadly my Dutch is too poor to answer the second question, but I can tell you what it is.

A melkopschuimer is a milkfrother. It makes that lovely frothy milk you see on the top of a proper cappuccino without the need for an elaborate coffee making machine. The Dutch do everything in the kitchen to perfection, they do not cut corners, and that includes coffee. No one in Holland would dream of giving a visitor instant coffee they always make fresh coffee and it you ask for your coffee with milk they will heat the milk and add froth to it. A visit to a Dutch friend’s house is better than going to any café or coffee house especially if you get offered a slice of Dutch apple pie with your coffee.

Choosing Your Melkopschuimer

There is a wide range of melkopschuimer’s available. The most traditional one looks very much like an Italian coffee cafeteria. Simply pour the hot milk into the glass being careful not to fill it more than half way, then put the lid on. The lid has a plunger build into it with a flat whisk attached to it. You hold the glass pot by its handle and vigorously move the plunger up and down. Within a minute half of the glass pot is filled with milky froth.

Other melkopschuimer’s are mini handheld electric whisks. Some electronic versions heat the milk and froth it automatically for you at the same time.

It is still quite difficult to find a good melkopschuimer outside of Holland, so the best place to buy them is from a Dutch website. The widest selection is available from http://www.prijsvergelijken.nl/melkopschuimers~2432.htm.


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