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Introducing Vitaminnica: Revolutionising the UK’s Vitamin & Supplement Landscape


LONDON, UK — 14, September, 2023 — Today marks the official launch of Vitaminnica, a cutting-edge vitamin and supplement brand crafted especially for the discerning UK market. Designed with the modern individual in mind, Vitaminnica combines impeccable science with the age-old wisdom of natural wellness to deliver a product range that aims to boost health, vitality, and overall well-being.

Innovation Meets Nature

Understanding the needs of the 21st-century individual, Vitaminnica’s range boasts clean, transparent, and ethically sourced ingredients. Every capsule, tablet, and drop has been formulated by a team of experts to ensure premium quality and efficacy.

“With an overwhelming market saturated with numerous options, we recognized the need for a brand that people can trust – both in terms of effectiveness and ethical standards,” says Founder, the visionary behind Vitaminnica. “Our mission is to create a world where wellness is accessible to everyone, and where our customers can feel confident in the choices they make for their health.”

Why Vitaminnica Stands Out

Transparency: Every product features a transparent ingredient list, allowing consumers to understand precisely what they’re ingesting.

Sustainability: As stewards for a healthier planet, Vitaminnica employs eco-friendly packaging and sustainable sourcing practices, making it a conscious choice for consumers.

Education: Beyond products, the brand is committed to fostering a community of informed individuals. With regular workshops, webinars, and informational resources, Vitaminnica is set to become the go-to hub for all things health and wellness.

Bespoke Formulations: Recognizing the unique needs of every individual, Vitaminnica offers custom-blends, ensuring a tailored approach to health and wellness.

Launch Celebrations

To celebrate its launch, Vitaminnica is offering an exclusive promotion for early bird customers. First-time buyers can avail of a 10 % discount on their initial purchase. 

About Vitaminnica

Vitaminnica is a premium vitamin and supplement brand, born out of a passion for holistic health and a vision to make wellness achievable for everyone. With a product range that is as vast as it is varied, Vitaminnica caters to every health need, age group, and lifestyle.

For more information, please visit www.vitaminnica.co.uk or contact:

Public Relations Team

Vitaminnica Headquarter

Email: info@vitaminnica.co.uk

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