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St John Ambulance Survey Reveals Expectant Parents’ Lack of First Aid Knowledge

United Kingdom (12th August, 2013) – St John Ambulance, a leading supplier of first aid and health and safety training courses, recently undertook a survey that revealed expectant parents have a lack of first aid knowledge.

St John Ambulance’s shocking new statistics identified that nearly half (44%) of expectant parents haven’t learnt basic first aid in preparation for their new baby. 47% of expectant parents believe baby proofing their home is more important than learning potential life-saving first aid skills.

21% of people asked also stated they feel learning first aid skills is not important, even though 65% are worried at the thought of their child requiring first aid assistance. However, 62% of parents admitted that knowing first aid skills would make them feel more prepared for parenthood.

A spokesperson for St John Ambulance commented: “Our recent survey produced shocking figures that shown that most expectant parents wouldn’t have basic first aid skills to save their own child’s life. By taking first aid training, parents can be confident that they can act quickly in the event of an emergency, and could therefore be the difference between a life lost or saved.”

For further information on St John Ambulance and their basic first aid training, visit their website at http://www.sja.org.uk/ or telephone 0844 770 4800.

St John Ambulance is a leading provider of first aid and health and safety training courses for the community and businesses. The first aid charity can also teach people who will become volunteers and will ensure that lives will not be lost needlessly.

Christine Clynes,
PR Officer, St John’s Gate,
Clerkenwell, London, UK
Zip: EC1M 4DA
Tel: 020 7324 4215
Email: christina.clynes@nhq.sja.org.uk

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