Share Lawyers Wins Full Compensation for Claimant

April, 2013: TORONTO, ON CANADA – Juanita Jiminez thought she would never see the light at the end of the tunnel when, after suffering a slip and fall accident that left her with sustained injuries, she was told she was not entitled to compensation. Fortunately she found Toronto personal injury law firm Share Lawyers, who have been able to get her the justice and compensation she deserved, and prevent her from being taken advantage of by the insurance adjuster and companies involved.

Juanita was injured when she slipped and fell on some ice outside her local mall.  After the incident she required surgery on her right shoulder and was left with severe headaches that just wouldn’t go away. An insurance adjuster took a statement from her when she was alone in the hospital and said they would look into the case, but a month later she received a letter from them declaring that no liability rested on the shopping mall. Instead of compensation, they offered her the paltry sum of $2000 providing that she signed a release document preventing her from making any further claims.

This small sum of money would not even cover Juanita’s wages, yet alone her medical bills, but it seemed as though this was all she was going to get. Nonetheless, her friends advised her to contact a lawyer specializing in personal injury cases and find out what her rights and options were. She contacted Share Lawyers after learning about their track record of successful compensation claims, and they soon began handling the matter.  After receiving a second denial letter from the adjuster they began legal proceedings.

Together with the lawyers for the shopping mall and the snow removal company, Share Lawyers and Juanita agreed to attend a private mediation. After much deliberation and lengthy mediation proceedings, the case was settled for the all-inclusive amount of $100,000.00. This was 50 X the amount she had initially been offered by the insurance adjuster.  Juanita was thrilled and so glad that she had chosen to involve Share Lawyers in her case, particularly as she had been on the verge of simply accepting the miniscule offer because she had become too tired and fed up with the hassle of dealing with the adjuster.

Juanita can’t recommend Share Lawyers enough to anyone in need of an accident or personal injury lawyer. Share Lawyers are a firm of Toronto based accident lawyers who specialize in personal injury, insurance dispute claims, disability claims and car accidents. They help victims of personal injury like Juanita find out exactly what they are entitled to without having to pay a penny until their case is won.

Share Lawyers have over 25 years industry experience acting as the personal injury lawyers for Toronto in disability and insurance settlements. Their founder David Share is a member of both the Ontario and the New York Bars and has been practicing law since 1985. If you or anyone you know are looking for a Hamilton based personal injury lawyer, Share Lawyers are well worth considering. You can get in touch with them for a free consultation at their website:

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview please call the Share Lawyers team on: 416.488.9000 or e-mail: Alternatively please visit to find out more.

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