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Premier Care in Bathing Advise on Safety at Home

Redditch, United Kingdom (24 December 2010) – Premier Care in Bathing, a leading global provider of assisted bathing solutions for the elderly and infirm, release information detailing the scope of fall-related accidents in the home involving the elderly and individuals with disabilities.

As part of their dedication to assisting the elderly and any disabled individuals set up a safe and hazard-free home environment to live in, Premier Care in Bathing wish to highlight the necessity of undertaking fall prevention measures in their homes in order to reduce the risk of a fall.

Falls are the leading cause of injury related to hospitalisations, with more than 50% of seniors’ falls occurring in the home. Of all falls resulting in death, over 53% of these occur in a private home environment. Premier Care in Bathing believe that this demonstrates the requirement for elderly and disabled persons to have more suitable bathing apparatus to avoid any trips or falls in the bathroom, like walk-in baths.

“When we found out that over 80% of all Senior’s home falls occurred in the bathroom, we realised the true scale of how important installing walk-in baths and showers actually is compared to the more traditional alternatives,” commented a spokesperson for Premier Bathrooms. “The statistic that 78% of these falls are due to transitioning from different levels – like stepping over the lip of a bath – further amplifies the necessity of easy-access bathing solutions for those who have difficulties with movement in their leg joints, for example. I hope that this will help more people to realise the importance of having adequate systems installed for helping them move around their homes safely, and consider using us to supply them with some of the most stable and reliable solutions on the market.”

To find out more about Premier Bathrooms or to request a free brochure, visit their website today at: http://www.premierbathrooms.co.uk/ or telephone for free on 0800 018 0088.

About Premier Care in Bathing, part of the Premier Bathrooms Group:
Premier Bathrooms Group are the leading supplier of walk-in baths and other assisted bathing solutions. Founded as a family company in 1985, Premier Bathrooms Group has since grown to be at the forefront of safe bathing for the elderly and infirm worldwide. With over 25 years’ experience in the art of safe and accessible bathing, Premier Bathrooms can create a bathroom that will help people regain their independence with their life-changing products and accessories. They also offer a full after-care service and free brochures detailing their services.

James Clarke
Premier Bathrooms Ltd.,
Hewell Road,
B97 6BW

Tel: 0800 018 0088
Email: marketing@premierbathrooms.co.uk

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