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Flexible Hosting For Small and Large Business by Anonymise

Hosting a website for an online business is a lucrative option, while there are many aspects that need to be taken care of, while hosting a site. The privacy and the security of the website owner is a prime concern, especially in case of the one that contains explicit, adult or offensive material. There are a number of other online service providers that offer anonymous hosting services, where, the choice of a reliable service provider is necessary for a high level of privacy and security. Anonymise is a reliable service provider, which offers a number of flexible hosting plans to support both small and large scale business establishments.

Hosting Plans Available

Anonymise provides flexible plans for hosting services in the EU and Canada along with the anonymous jabber server, anonymous domain registration and an anonymous VPN service. There are three levels of plans offered starting from $7 monthly charges for the entry-level plan, while $9 and $11 for advanced as well as business level plans. Several features of different plans available are discussed as below.

Domains per account: For EU servers, 10 domains per account are offered by entry-level package, which increases to 100 and 1000 domains for advanced and business level packages. For American servers, the number is 20, 200 and 2000 domains per account with an entry, advanced and business level accounts respectively.

Storage Space: Online storage space of 1GB, 2GB and 3GB is offered with these packages for EU based servers, which is 2GB, 4GB and 6GB storage for American servers.

Bandwidth: For EU servers, there is no limit on the use of bandwidth with all the plans, while there is a restriction of 1GB and 10GB bandwidth with entry and advanced packages for American servers, where business plan offers an unlimited bandwidth.

Other features: SSL support is available with business plan only, while a support for different languages like PHP 5, Curl, Perl, Python, Cron, CGI and GD 2 is offered with all the plans along with a daily backup facility. With an unlimited mail boxes for all the plans, there is a limitation of the number of MySQL databases, being 1, 5 and 1000 for entry, advanced and business plans.

Benefits of this hosting service

There are many benefits available with such type of hosting service, which include a protection from government intrusions, hackers, identity theft and many other aspects. The services offered by anonymise are backed with a strong support of advanced technologies, high-speed online services and a dedicated support for customers.

Control Panel Features

With anonymous hosting service from anonymise, you gain a full control of your site through a dedicated control panel. Various features of this panel include a fully-automated interface for billing, extensive management of your account like setup and de-activation and many other features with a colorful and intelligent interface.

Contact Options

If you want to know more about their service, you can visit their official website or contact via a web-based contact form that will be responded through an email.

Subscribe to reliable secret hosting services of Anonymise to add more security to your personal data linked to your site.

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