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More Used Motorhomes for Sale than Ever

England 06/06/2013 – More consumers are choosing to buy second hand cars rather than buy new, and it there is growing trend for people to buy used motorhomes rather than new ones.

These days, the majority of the motorhomes for sale are used rather than new. In the past people preferred to buy a new motor caravan, even today, many people would still like to do so. However, the change in the financial climate has led to consumers being more cost conscious and cautious, as a result more and more are buying used rather than new.

Motorhomes, like other motor vehicles, depreciate as soon as they leave the forecourt. The level of depreciation is lower with a motor van than it is with a car; nevertheless, it is still a significant amount of money. In the past motorhome users did not really worry much about depreciation. They knew that they would be keeping their motor caravan for many years. In most cases for over a decade, because they did not intend to sell after a couple of years the loss in value was not particularly relevant to them. Today’s consumers are more cautious and realistic. They realise that should their financial situation change they may need to sell their motor caravan on, and do so quickly. If that happened early in the ownership cycle, they could stand to lose quite a lot of money. As a result, many are erring on the side of caution and buying a used motor home rather than a new one.

Relatively new motor homes sell the best

By buying a motorhome that is just a few years old they get a van that is new enough to be fitted with all the latest gadgets. If they buy a van that is much older than that they may have to fit things like satellite TV themselves. Most people do not want to do this.

Readers of the Motor Homes site spend a lot of time researching, reading the reviews of older motorhomes. They want to know what they are getting and find out if they have any known issues they should be specifically checking for before buying.


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